Ultra SUN 4000 Magnum 5000 Super CYCLONE Ultra BRONZ Mystic TAN Hydration Station

  Super Cyclone Sun Capsule - Medium Pressure Unit - Sun Capsule VHR tanning systems   have 4-5 times the UVA tanning power of a conventional tanning bed providing the quickest,   darkest all over tan. Sun Capsule lamps utilize the highest levels of UVA (the ray that   browns your skin) and low levels of UVB (the ray that burns your skin).

  Because of the high powered cooling system in this vertical unit this is the most hygienic and   efficient tanning units on the market. At only 7 MINUTES, there is no reason to wait any   longer! A first time visit discount is available to experience either medium pressure unit, the   Magnum 5000 or Super Cyclone.